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My 1st BSA Breakfast but certainly not my last Featured

Looking back at last Thursdays 7th Annual Business Supports the Arts Breakfast, many things come to mind; the quantity and quality of people in the room, the amount of effort it took to make this event happen and the message that I walked away with.

First of all, to imagine that over 300 people would get up early and make their way to a breakfast to support anything, is something. But to arrive happy, enthusiastic and supportive of the Arts and to honor fellow colleagues and supporters of the Arts is extremely impressive. The significance of having so many high profile companies and individuals come together to support this event is overwhelming.

Now imagine all of the planning behind this event. It is more than just picking a date on the Calendar every year. It is having a vision, a dream of what you want to accomplish, what kind of message you want to send and what are you hoping your guest will walk away with. It’s building upon that vision and dream each and every year making it continually stimulating, exciting and relevant to your target audience. It is having a team of people helping to execute that vision, that dream from day one; up to and during the day of the Breakfast. The list of people involved whether behind the scenes or in front of the podium is endless. Each and every person’s contribution is significant and makes this event what it is; from Board Members, Committee Members, Volunteers and attendees , there would not be a 7th Annual Business Supports the Arts Breakfast without all of you!

Which brings me to the message I walked away with; we are a Lego piece lying loose in a bowl. Alone, we are colorful, nice to look at and make a great addition to the group. But once you start clicking those pieces together; one by one something happens. The dynamic changes. Sometimes a few pieces are snapped together and another group of a few pieces are snapped together. Then someone gets the vision to use another piece to combine those two small groupings. Maybe a piece is removed to make way for another piece. Maybe more pieces are added. The possibilities are endless. The combinations are infinite. What is important to remember, is that we all started together in the bowl. Whether we are snapped together this time or maybe we are waiting for the next great project, our piece plays a significant part in the Arts. You play a significant part in the Arts. So now what? Will you stay in the bowl or snap together to make something great happen? Don't wait until next year to make a difference!

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