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    Ted Killmer
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Moon Glow. Garden Peach. Banana Legs. German Stripe. Indigo Rose. Lemon Plum. Green Zebra. Black Cherry. Yellow Pear. Sun Sugar. The latest nail polish colors? No. They're varieties of heirloom tomatoes available at the Danbury Farmers' Market through purveyor Daisy Mac Gardens. Only an acre of luscious produce located at 16 Rolf Drive, the Gardens are overseen by the blue eyed, always smiling Sandy Wityak and her husband Mike. Niece Mallory keeps the Market stand, with Sandy, quite active. They've been at the Market for five years now. Sandy and hubby have lived on their modest acreage for 17 years, but she's been raising heirlooms and other vegetables and flowers for more than 20 years. Sandy also provides her garden's bounty to Anthony's Lake Club and Bates Northern Farm in North Salem NY. 

Sandy participated in the Garden Club when she worked at IBM's Research Center in Yorktown NY, with the Club's fields on corporate property. (How cool is that?) Over the years, she's accomplished an Eden: organic, rotating crops (she saves the seeds and cross-pollinates), and a warm welcome that makes her presence on Friday morning at the Market as juicy as an heirloom tomato. She's at the Danbury Farmers' Market every Friday through Halloween at Kennedy Park. "The Danbury Farmers' Market has the best voucher program - for women and children, senior citizens, veterans - that makes our participation even more invaluable," she notes. Say "hello," and check out the dirt(y) nails under the polish.

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