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Book It

The Library is so often the place to be, and in a Downtown it adds Happening to happenstance. The Egyptians knew it in Alexandria. Monks knew it as they illumined biblical texts for church repositories. Ben Franklin, the creator of the American library, knew it in Philadelphia. A book is a book is a book (did Gertrude Stein say this?), and flipping through a book’s pages is one of the best added values a municipality may make Happening.
A vist to the Danbury Public Library, right smack in the center of Downtown, is always a joy. It’s active, inviting, and there are surprises ’round every bookshelf. Recently, I went to see Mother Goose (Lenka Pichlikova, a Connecticut resident but native of Prague) as she interactively involved a United Nations of children in the stories we all know so well. Remember “Itsy, bitsy spider went up the waterspout…?” 
It was great to see an international gathering of kids, in awe, as they enjoyed a performance from one of the most beloved children’s books of all time. The DisH (Downtown is Happening): The Danbury Public Library is open seven days a week. For information, call (203) 797 4527 or visit


Don’t Say I Said That: “I just bought our turkey and I know how much this weighs.” (said by a Mother guessing the weight of a pumpkin at CityCenter Danbury’s Halloween on the Green – she didn’t win the pumpkin)
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