Celebrating a Day of Love in Newtown

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Celebrating a day of love in Newtown, News8, wtnh.com, Updated: Thursday, 14 Feb 2013, 10:55 PM EST
Published : Thursday, 14 Feb 2013, 5:56 PM EST

NEWTOWN, Conn. (WTNH) -- On this valentine's day, a day when we celebrate love, the focus at the grand opening of "Healing Newtown" is showing love and healing hearts.

From magicians making cards disappear, to jugglers teaching tricks and kids making jewelry out of clay, "Healing Newtown" is a new space that hopes the arts will mend hearts broken by tragedy.

Artist Pedro Yanowitz brought this wall where visitors create art out of healing words. The New York City resident says a similar interactive project was affective post 9/11.

"When a tragedy strikes on a place, it's just nice to have a creative outlet," said Yanowitz.

For Carlo Tischio's daughter, Teresa, singing helped her heal.

"I think there are all different ways to express our grief and when we find outlets for it, then we can let it go," said Tischio.

She was one of dozens of kids to attend the grand opening of the arts space this Valentine's day, exactly 2 months after a gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary School, killing 20 children and 6 adults.

For Newtown children like Ryan Greguski, this is a place where kids can be kids.

"It's fun for everybody to have something fun to do," said Greguski.

It is just a temporary space. The purpose of the event is also to fundraise so Healing Newtown can move into a permanent space and continue the work many say is so necessary.

"I think art is always good for everyone, in every circumstance. It's a way to express yourself,  so it's a good idea," said Newtown resident Janice Tarten.

And through art they show the world after Tragedy. They "see the sun shining again."

"Everyone that's up there right now is just breaking my heart. They're just such beautiful expressions and words. I couldn't pick just one but there's magic going on," said Yanowitz.

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