Hal Kurfehs: Culture and the arts — more important than you think

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Newstimes || By Hal Kurfehs  Published Sunday, September 10, 2017
Without “culture” life would be dull. Culture is human intellectual achievement and the creative elements in our lives. It includes fine art, the performing arts, expressive art, sculpture, travel, philosophy, literature and music. Anyone who eschews these wonderful gifts of life is destined for a pretty miserable existence.

If we, as the general public, value these life-enhancing pursuits, how do you think the artists themselves feel about their life-work? Any artist who I know is passionate about their work and contributions. They know that, except for a few, they will not make a pile of money from their art. But that does not seem to deter them because their creative output and its appreciation by others is psychic reward enough.

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