Danbury Arts Advocate Elected to National Arts Council Featured

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Connecticut Magazine |  Mar 14, 2017

In times like this, with federal funding for arts programs in danger of being slashed, you need to make loud arguments to the private sector about the value of supporting the arts, says Lisa Scails, executive director of the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut, which serves the Danbury area.

“I think we’re going to be in for some really difficult times in the next few years, where arts support from a federal level is concerned,” Scails says. “My position is that the arts are a viable way to keep a community vibrant. We really will need the support of businesses and business leaders more now than ever.”

In the coming years Scails will be well placed to make those arguments, as she was recently elected to a three-year term on the Private Sector Council of Americans for the Arts, a national arts advocacy group with offices in Washington and New York. As a member of the council, Scails will work with other arts leaders to develop and implement advocacy programs and help serve as resource for local arts agencies seeking to connect with the private sector.


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