Full STEAM Ahead: Learning and Making in the 21st Century

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The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum and Ridgefield Library are committed and passionate practitioners of, and advocates for, cross-disciplinary teaching and learning. Continuing the thought-provoking dialogue initiated with community collaborators at the Creativity Conference in 2012 in Ridgefield, CT, these two long-time partners invite educators, parents, life-long learners of all disciplines, and the creative community-at-large to engage, envision, and imagine together.

What exactly is STEAM, and why is it important? Is it a movement, a mindset, an initiative, a teaching method, a theory? Join the national discourse at a symposium that explores these questions through the lenses of education, contemporary art and design, innovation in business and technology, community engagement, and more. Register now and:

Hear from forward-thinking artists, scientists, academics, educators, engineers, and business leaders
Learn about inspiring—and unexpected—real-world applications of STEAM in schools, studios, laboratories, conference rooms, museums, libraries, and beyond
Participate in lively discussions, hands-on activities, and engaging presentations at the Museum and Library that tap all the senses, spark the imagination, and challenge our traditional perceptions of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (+ Design), and Math

Join the conversation about how this global exchange is impacting our comprehension of the world around us and our ability to meet twenty-first-century challenges with inventive and creative solutions Instigate dialogue about the importance of art and design—creativity and innovation—in the classroom, workplace, and community Explore real time applications of STEM to STEAM principles, through specific case studies that inform best practices for cultural organizations, businesses, schools, and communities Connect with participants of all ages through inspiring demonstrations and participatory, family-friendly activities on the final day of the three-day experience.


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